Robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning Tesvor X500

  • Cleaning type:
    Dry and wet
  • Suction power:
    1800 Pa
  • Dust container volume:
    600 ml
  • Water tank volume:
    350 ml
  • Cartography:
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  • The dual-chip and the independent robot operating algorithm make the Tesvor X500 more accurate and agile.
  • The gyroscope navigation and the S-shaped route features guarantee your house to be cleaned in a high-quality manner.
  • With the great APP on your smartphone, you can monitor the cleaning process of your vacuum cleaner robot on your room map at any time.
  • The robot vacuum will clean according to your ideas and plan, with no concerns about missing sweeping.
  • The Tesvor X500 is equipped with professional brushes to clean hard-to-reach corners effectively.
  • The intelligent navigation to the charging station enables the Tesvor X500 can accurately know where it is and can return to the charging pile in time. Typically, a comprehensive clean requires a stable auto charge.
  • The unique 3-filter system ensures dust-free air in your rooms. Unlike other commercial vacuum cleaners, the finest dust particles are not transported back into the room.
  • Tesvor X500 cleans areas that are difficult to reach. Its low-height body makes it easy to clean the space under cupboards or seating furniture.
  • The device automatically detects obstacles and walls. The sensors prevent it from tipping over and colliding with objects such as furniture.
  • You can create a cleaning plan in the app as you like and view the cleaning situation anytime.


  • Vibrating mopping pad
  • Cleaning type
    Dry and wet
  • Suction power
    1800 Pa
  • Dust container volume
    600 ml
  • Water tank volume
    350 ml
  • Volume
    65 dB
  • Self-cleaning base
  • Number of side brushes
    1 PC
  • Overcoming the thresholds
    up to 1.5 cm
  • Cartography
  • Limiter cleaning zone
    Magnetic tape
  • Navigation capabilities
    Building a room map
    Manual robot control (from the app)
    Room cleaning / Zone cleaning
    Cleaning time calculation
  • Voice prompts
  • Control type
    Manual (from the button on the vacuum cleaner)
    From smartphone
    Remote control (IR)
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Integration with cloud services
    Amazon Alexa
    Google Home
  • Carpet detection
  • Dirt detection
  • Dust collector filling indicator
  • Battery type
  • Capacity
    2000 mAh
  • Battery life (up to)
    120 Minutes
  • Charging time
    4.00 Hours
Dimensions and equipment
  • Width
    330 mm
  • Height
    75 mm
  • Depth
    330 mm
  • Weight
    3.00 Kg
  • Color
  • Equipment
    robot vacuum
    charging dock
    mopping cloth
    cleaning brush
    user manual
    HEPA filter
    remote controller
    2 side brushes
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Instructions for Tesvor X500