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What do you look for when choosing a robotic vacuum cleaner?
  • The presence of a turbo brush is necessary for high-quality cleaning of the premises.
  • Suction power - from 2000 Pa - affects the quality of the cleaning result.
  • The presence of wet cleaning - optional (but this option does not replace full-fledged cleaning with a mop).
  • The presence of a self-cleaning base - the price of models of this type is higher, but this will save time.
  • Side brushes - there must be at least one side brush for high-quality cleaning.
What items need to be removed from the floor?

When there are pets, it is necessary to mark the zones in the application that the robot should not enter.

It should be removed from the floor, something that can be found by a robot vacuum cleaner, such as headphones, cords from charging phones, small children's toys like Lego.

It is important that all doors are open, and the distance is sufficient for the robot to pass (10-20 cm more than the width of the robot itself).

What is the best navigation for a vacuum cleaner robot?

For good navigation, the robot must have a lidar (LDS) to compile a high-quality map of the room. The presence of a front camera with AI technology will help you avoid obstacles such as children's toys, cords and similar objects

How do you control the robot vacuum cleaner?

Many robotic vacuum cleaners can be controlled using a mobile application, since you can configure the parameters of the vacuum cleaner. You can also start cleaning by pressing the button on the vacuum cleaner.

Robotic vacuum cleaners without app - not recommended

What does lidar (LIDAR) give in a vacuum cleaner?

Lidar (LDS-sensor) is attached to the top of the robot vacuum cleaner. It performs movements in a circle and makes measurements of distances, and it is how a map of the room is built