Revolutionizing Home Cleaning: The Innovation of Roborock S8


In the ever-evolving world of smart home technology, Roborock has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. The Roborock S8, the latest addition to the company's impressive lineup of robotic vacuum cleaners, takes home cleaning to new heights with its advanced features and cutting-edge technology. In this article, we will explore what makes the Roborock S8 unique and why it stands out in the crowded market of robotic vacuum cleaners.

  1. Intelligent Mapping and Navigation: The Roborock S8 is equipped with advanced laser navigation technology that allows it to intelligently map and navigate your home with precision. Using high-precision sensors and real-time mapping, the S8 creates a detailed floor plan, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning. This not only enhances the cleaning performance but also allows users to customize cleaning schedules and specific areas to be cleaned or avoided.

  2. Multi-Level Mapping: One standout feature of the Roborock S8 is its ability to create multi-level maps for homes with multiple floors. This ensures that the robot can seamlessly transition between different levels, providing a comprehensive cleaning experience throughout the entire home. Whether you have a multi-story house or different floor types, the S8 adapts to the unique layout of your home.

  3. Selective Room Cleaning: The S8 takes customization to the next level with its selective room cleaning feature. Users can now choose specific rooms or areas that require immediate attention, directing the robot to clean those spaces while leaving others untouched. This level of control adds a new dimension to the cleaning process, allowing users to prioritize high-traffic areas or zones that need frequent cleaning.

  4. Powerful Suction and Cleaning Performance: Equipped with a powerful motor and adaptive suction technology, the Roborock S8 delivers exceptional cleaning performance on various surfaces, from hardwood floors to carpets. Its high suction power ensures that even stubborn dirt and pet hair are effectively removed, leaving your floors spotless. The adaptive suction technology automatically adjusts the suction power based on the type of flooring, optimizing both cleaning efficiency and battery life.

  5. Long Battery Life and Auto Recharge: The S8 boasts an impressive battery life that allows it to cover large areas on a single charge. Additionally, the robot is equipped with an auto-recharge feature, ensuring that it returns to its dock when the battery is low. This seamless integration of technology ensures that the S8 is always ready to tackle cleaning tasks without interruption.

  6. Intuitive App Control and Voice Compatibility: Controlling the Roborock S8 is a breeze with the user-friendly mobile app. Users can schedule cleanings, monitor cleaning progress, and receive notifications—all from the convenience of their smartphones. Moreover, the S8 is compatible with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, providing a hands-free cleaning experience.

The Roborock S8 represents a leap forward in the realm of robotic vacuum cleaners, offering intelligent navigation, customizable cleaning options, and powerful performance. With features like multi-level mapping, selective room cleaning, and intuitive app control, the S8 caters to the diverse needs of modern homeowners seeking a smarter and more efficient cleaning solution. Embrace the future of home cleaning with the Roborock S8—a robotic vacuum that goes beyond the ordinary to redefine cleanliness in the smart home era.

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Robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning Roborock S8 Robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning Roborock S8+ Robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning Roborock S8 Pro Ultra
S8 S8+ S8 Pro Ultra
Cleaning type Dry and wet Dry and wet Dry and wet
Suction power 6000 Pa 6000 Pa 6000 Pa
Cleaning area 300 m² 300 m² 300 m²
Dust container volume 400 ml 350 ml 350 ml
Water tank volume 300 ml 300 ml 200 ml
Self-cleaning base Yes, sold separately Yes Yes
Cartography Lidar (LDS) + Camera Lidar (LDS) + Camera Lidar (LDS) + Camera
Battery life (up to) 180 Minutes 180 Minutes 180 Minutes
Position in ranking 7 20 11

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