Robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning Lenovo Z1s PRO

  • Cleaning type:
    Dry and wet
  • Suction power:
    2700 Pa
  • Dust container volume:
    400 ml
  • Water tank volume:
    110 ml
  • Cartography:
    Lidar (LDS)

Description Lenovo Z1s PRO

  • The vacuum robot is equipped with a battery that allows it to work continuously for about 150 minutes. So you can be sure that its fully charged energy will be sufficient for cleaning large areas, even entire apartments. Even if the robot cannot handle all the dirt during this time, it will return to its docking station and automatically continue cleaning after recharging.
  • Thanks to the built-in sensors, the proposed robot ensures safe and efficient operation, avoiding collisions and obstacles. These sensors include collision, obstacle, fall, and dirt detection sensors, making it a reliable cleaning assistant. After completing the work, it automatically returns to the docking station, awaiting the next task, while your apartment remains clean and tidy.
  • Creating a virtual wall allows you to define the cleaning area, avoiding obstacles such as toys, pet food, or scattered items. This saves you from having to manually pick up and tidy everything before the robot starts working.
  • Thanks to the programming capability via the app, you can easily set up the robot to clean at a specific time when you are away from home. Thus, when you return, you will always find a clean apartment, and you will avoid the morning mess after breakfast.
  • The built-in floor mopping function complements the capabilities of the vacuum robot, providing comprehensive floor care. This is especially convenient for homes with different types of floors, where the robot not only vacuums but also mops surfaces, ensuring a more thorough cleaning.
Robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning RoboRock S5 MAX Robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning Roborock S6 MaxV Robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning Roborock S7 Robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning Roborock S6 Pure Robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning Lenovo Z1s PRO
S5 MAX S6 MaxV S7 S6-Pure Z1s PRO
Cleaning type Dry and wet Dry and wet Dry and wet Dry and wet Dry and wet
Suction power 2000 Pa 2500 Pa 2500 Pa 2000 Pa 2700 Pa
Cleaning area 250 m² 240 m² 250 m² 150 m² n/a m²
Dust container volume 460 ml 460 ml 470 ml 480 ml 400 ml
Water tank volume 260 ml 297 ml 300 ml 180 ml 110 ml
Self-cleaning base No No Yes, sold separately No Yes
Cartography Lidar (LDS) Lidar (LDS) + Camera Lidar (LDS) Lidar (LDS) Lidar (LDS)
Battery life (up to) 180 Minutes 180 Minutes 180 Minutes 180 Minutes 150 Minutes
Position in ranking 37 88 28 n/a n/a

Characteristics Lenovo Z1s PRO

  • Cleaning type
    Dry and wet
  • Suction power
    2700 Pa
  • Dust container volume
    400 ml
  • Water tank volume
    110 ml
  • Volume
    65 dB
  • Self-cleaning base
  • Number of side brushes
    2 PC
  • Overcoming the thresholds
    up to 2 cm
  • Cartography
    Lidar (LDS)
  • Limiter cleaning zone
    Virtual wall
  • Navigation capabilities
    Building a room map
    Manual robot control (from the app)
  • Voice prompts
  • Control type
    Manual (from the button on the vacuum cleaner)
    From smartphone
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Integration with cloud services
    Amazon Alexa
    Google Home
  • Battery type
  • Capacity
    5200 mAh
  • Fast charging
  • Battery life (up to)
    150 Minutes
  • Charging time
    4.00 Hours
Dimensions and equipment
  • Width
    350 mm
  • Height
    98 mm
  • Depth
    350 mm
  • Weight
    2.00 Kg
  • Color
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Accessories Lenovo Z1s PRO

We try to find consumables for Lenovo Z1s PRO and other robotic vacuum cleaners in a timely manner. Among them: side brushes, garbage bags, filters, sponges for washing (Mop Pads) and much more...