Robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE A80 Max

  • Cleaning type:
  • Suction power:
    200 Pa
  • Dust container volume:
    450 ml

Description ILIFE A80 Max

  • Set up weekly cleaning schedule through the App and the robot will automatically start to clean based on your settings. ( WiFi only support 2.4G, not 5G. )
  • Maximize area coverage with path cleaning mode, ensures a more efficient cleaning in less time.
  • Max Mode enhances suction up to 1500Pa; Path Mode (Auto Mode) back and forth pattern better for large spaces up to 800Pa; Spot Mode cleans a small area with intense suction up to 2000Pa; Edge Mode focuses on corners and edges.
  • Stays in constant contact with uneven surfaces with the self-adjustable brush, easily picks up fine debris and large particles.
  • Increases suction power once carpets or rugs are detected, loosening and lifting the embedded dirt and debris.

Characteristics ILIFE A80 Max

  • Vibrating mopping pad
  • Cleaning type
  • Suction power
    200 Pa
  • Dust container volume
    450 ml
  • Self-cleaning base
  • Turbo brush
  • Number of side brushes
    2 PC
  • Overcoming the thresholds
    up to 1.5 cm
  • Navigation capabilities
    Manual robot control (from the app)
  • Control type
    Manual (from the button on the vacuum cleaner)
    From smartphone
    Remote control (IR)
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Carpet detection
  • Dirt detection
  • Dust collector filling indicator
  • Battery type
  • Capacity
    2600 mAh
  • Battery life (up to)
    110 Minutes
  • Charging time
    6.00 Hours
Dimensions and equipment
  • Width
    330 mm
  • Height
    77 mm
  • Depth
    320 mm
  • Weight
    2.50 Kg
  • Color
  • Equipment
    A80 Max Robot Vacuum
    Charging Stand
    Remote Control
    2 AAA Batteries
    Power Adapter (length 1.5 meters)
    Cleaning Tool
    2-in-1 Roller Brush
    User Manual
    4 Side Brushes
    High-Efficiency Filter
    12-month warranty
  • Additionally
    Cleaning mode: Path, Spot, Classic, Edge, Max
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Accessories ILIFE A80 Max

We try to find consumables for ILIFE A80 Max and other robotic vacuum cleaners in a timely manner. Among them: side brushes, garbage bags, filters, sponges for washing (Mop Pads) and much more...