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ECOVACS is a well-known brand in the field of robotic vacuum cleaners. 

Early Years (1998-2010): ECOVACS Robotics was founded in 1998 and initially focused on research and development in the field of intelligent cleaning robots. During this period, ECOVACS introduced its first robotic vacuum cleaners, which offered basic cleaning functions and navigation capabilities.

Expansion and Innovation (2011-2015): In this period, ECOVACS started gaining recognition in the market and expanded its product line. They introduced new models with improved cleaning performance, enhanced navigation systems, and advanced features like app connectivity and scheduling functions. These innovations allowed users to control and monitor their robotic vacuum cleaners remotely.

Smart Connectivity (2016-2018): ECOVACS further advanced its technology by incorporating smart connectivity features into its vacuum cleaners. They introduced models that could be controlled through smartphones or smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This allowed users to start or stop cleaning sessions, schedule cleaning times, and receive notifications on their mobile devices.

Advanced Mapping and Navigation (2019-2021): During this period, ECOVACS focused on improving mapping and navigation capabilities in its vacuum cleaners. They introduced models equipped with laser-based mapping technology, which allowed for more accurate room mapping and efficient cleaning routes. These models could also detect obstacles, create virtual boundaries, and provide detailed cleaning reports through their companion mobile apps.

AI-Powered Cleaning (2022-present): In recent years, ECOVACS has incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms into its vacuum cleaners. These AI-powered models can adapt to different floor types, adjust suction power accordingly, and optimize cleaning patterns based on the environment. They can also learn from user preferences and adapt their cleaning strategies over time, offering a more personalized cleaning experience.

Throughout the years, ECOVACS has maintained a reputation for producing reliable and user-friendly robotic vacuum cleaners. They continue to innovate and introduce new features to enhance the cleaning efficiency and convenience of their products.