Robot vacuum cleaner DEENKEE DK600

  • Suction power:
    1500 Pa
  • Dust container volume:
    600 ml
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Description DEENKEE DK600

  • Ideal for dust, debris, pet hair, hard floor, and medium pile Carpet. Working noise ≤55DB, it's quiet when sleeping or watching TV.
  • Charging 5-6h, 2600mAh high capacity battery can provide about 100min cleaning time. When the battery power is low, DK600 will automatically return to the charging station for charging.
  • 2.75-inch ultra-thin body, vacuum robot can flexibly extend under the bed or sofa. Compared with the robot vacuum cleaner with 4 cleaning modes on the market, DK600 has 6 cleaning modes.
  • DK600 has infrared sensors and anti-fall sensors, which can detect and avoid obstacles in the cleaning process and ensure that it will not fall from the stairs.
  • Intelligent navigation technology enables the robot vacuum to move throughout the home. Used in conjunction with the updated 3-point cleaning system, the cleaning effect is better without worrying about dead ends.

Characteristics DEENKEE DK600

  • Suction power
    1500 Pa
  • Dust container volume
    600 ml
  • Volume
    55 dB
  • Turbo brush
  • Number of side brushes
    1 PC
  • Control type
    Manual (from the button on the vacuum cleaner)
    Remote control (IR)
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Carpet detection
  • Dirt detection
  • Dust collector filling indicator
  • Battery type
  • Capacity
    2600 mAh
  • Battery life (up to)
    110 Minutes
  • Charging time
    5.00 Hours
Dimensions and equipment
  • Width
    332 mm
  • Height
    68 mm
  • Depth
    332 mm
  • Weight
    4.00 Kg
  • Color
  • Equipment
    4 side brushes
    remote control
    charging base
    power adapter
    additional HEPA filter
    foam filter
    cleaning tool
    owner’s manual
    warranty card
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Accessories DEENKEE DK600

We try to find consumables for DEENKEE DK600 and other robotic vacuum cleaners in a timely manner. Among them: side brushes, garbage bags, filters, sponges for washing (Mop Pads) and much more...