Robot vacuum cleaner Bob PetHair Plus

Description bObsweep Bob PetHair Plus

  • Extra long main brush and side brush spin in tandem to pick up large scraps and bits.
  • Ferocious 4x boosted suction power-lifts fur off floors.
  • Dustbin packs pet hair, fur, dust, and dirt.
  • 3-layer filter captures harmful particles and pathogens in the air.
  • blOck Plus keeps Bob out of areas by creating up to two 10 foot invisible barriers.
Robot vacuum cleaner Bob PetHair Plus
Bob PetHair Plus
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Accessories bObsweep Bob PetHair Plus

We try to find consumables for bObsweep Bob PetHair Plus and other robotic vacuum cleaners in a timely manner. Among them: side brushes, garbage bags, filters, sponges for washing (Mop Pads) and much more...